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  • Biographies of Nominees for Officer/Board Positions

  • Vice President Nominees:
    Kathleen Dunn Stern
    I am a charter member of The Irish Heritage Society of Milford since its inception in March, 2006. I truly love this club. I have met so many wonderful people and done so many extraordinary things because of The IHS. I have learned so much about my Irish heritage as well.

    Over the past 9 years I have been on the executive board of the IHS as Trustee for 2 years and as Vice President for 3 years. I have been an active member of The Social Activities and Membership Committees and the book club. I have run The Ladies Brunch for the past 6 years. I have been The Volunteers Chairperson for Our Irish Festival since 2006. I have been stage manager for the plays presented by our IHS Tara Theater as well as performing on stage in Remembrance and in The Country Boy.
    I was honored to be named Irish Woman of the Year in 2012 along with Bill McNamara as Irish Man of the Year.
    I am very excited that The IHS will now have a clubhouse. As a member of the club and as Vice-President, if elected, I pledge to continue to work hard to make The IHS the best it can be!

    Kevin Kiely
    When I joined the club a couple of years ago, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that I wanted to help out in some fashion with the club. I have spent my time at the club volunteering for many committees; including the golf committee twice, the festival committee twice, the bylaws group, and some time spent at the clubhouse/rental house. Through these committees I have gained some great friendships, learned some lessons, but in the end, finding myself with a passion to do more.
    I am seeking the position of VP to help expand and grow our club. I have a degree in hotel/ restaurant management, and have over 27 years management experience to date. I have a creative business savvy, and I’m not afraid or too proud to reach out and ask for something to help this club. I believe in principles, and feel the membership should feel comfortable speaking to someone that thinks like a member. I bring experience, a passion for our heritage, and a willingness to help create ideas to increase the funding for our club. I ask that on May 26th you choose me as one of your leaders on the elected board.

    Treasurer Nominee:
    Mike McCabe
    Treasurer of IHS since its inception.
    Oversees all financial aspects of the club.
    Head of Finance for the Irish Festival since its inception.
    Founder and Chairman of the IHS Slainte Scholarship Golf Tournament.
    Founder and President of Slainte Milford, Inc.
    Attorney for 34 years – partner in McCabe & Wikstrom, LLC in Milford.
    Married to Tracy Craig McCabe
    Four children, Eileen, Jennifer, Katie and Owen
    Four grandchildren, Amie, Emma, Scarlet, Declan, and Quinn

    Parliamentarian Nominee
    Hilary Schorsch
    I have been a member of IHSM for 3 years. During this time, I’ve been an active member of the Membership Committee as well as the Irish Festival Advertising Chair.
    One of the responsibilities as the Parliamentarian this year was to update the club bylaws. This required forming a Bylaws Committee which encompassed numerous hours of meeting & drafting the document, soliciting information from General Membership, updating the Board & Members of our progress, and finally, presenting the final document to be voted on by general membership. This was a team effort and we were thrilled to have the bylaws incorporated in a landslide vote!
    I am excited to have the opportunity to serve as Parliamentarian for a 2nd term, there is a lot of work to be done, and I’m ready for the challenge.

    Secretary Nominee
    Lisa Doyle Smith
    Thank you for this opportunity to run for re-election to the position of Secretary!
    I have been an (almost) lifelong resident of Milford. I am a Registered Nurse, currently working in home care, and am mom to two amazing and talented boys, David (age 10) and Michael (age 8). I can assure you that if I am not at an IHSM meeting, I am probably down at the baseball field with them!
    I have been involved in a number of events and committees and have enjoyed volunteering alongside my fellow members over the last few years to plan such events as the Irish Man & Woman of the Year Dinner, the Annual Irish Festival and the Annual Slainte Golf Tournament. This year I am the Chair of the Festival Food Committee (any volunteers out there?). I have been directly involved in the purchase and renovation of the new Clubhouse (although I won’t take credit for all the physical work that has been done!) and am a member of the Building Committee. It has been a positive experience working with the amazing Board that was elected last June. I consider myself a voice for families and am not afraid to think outside of the box or “push the envelope.” As we continue to grow and have a positive impact on our community, I look forward to being able to continue serving you!

    First Year Trustee Nominees
    Katelyn Fitzpatrick
    My name is Katelyn Fitzpatrick, I am running for first year trustee. I was born and raised in CT but have been granted Irish citizenship through my grandparents. I am driven and hard working – I graduated from UConn in 2010 with a major in chemical engineering and minors in chemistry and molecular cell biology. I joined IHSM to meet others in the area when I moved to Milford three years ago. I have met some wonderful people, but would like to get our young professional members more involved, after all we need some future leaders! I love to volunteer and I have donated to the Christmas Family and Shamrock Salutes. Some of my other interests are tennis, reading, and traveling – I backpack a different country every year (of course Ireland was my first!)! I look forward to meeting even more members and recruiting more young professionals.

    Bill Clark
    I am honored to be nominated for the IHSM First Year Trustee position.
    Here is some background on me. I am a life long resident of Milford, married to my wife MaryEllen for 28 years and have three children. I have been an electrician for 28 years. MaryEllen and I have been members of the club for over ten years, at which time, I have donated my time working on the electrical needs of the new club house and at our festival. Also I am a member of the Bylaws committee and served on last years festival committee.
    Since I regularly attend membership meetings, I have a good understanding of IHSM Members wishes for the future of our club and know I can help get us there. Thank you.

  • IHSM Scholarship Applications Available

  • APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE FOR WILLIAM MCNAMARA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPDEADLINE IS APRIL 30TH. This scholarship is for students planning to pursue further education in September 2015 in a full-time study program in a 2 or 4 year college, vocational, or technical school. Applicants must be child, grandchild, stepchild, nephew, or niece of IHSM member in good standing (member for at least two consecutive years and dues paid in full for all years, including current year). If you are unable to pick up an application at a meeting, please contact Debbie Mead at 203-877-9446. All details and criteria are included in application information.

  • 2015 Heritage Award for Kathy & Steve Kraffmiller

  • Kathy and Steve, charter members of IHSM, are being honored by the CT Irish-American Historical Society. See Non-IHSM Cultural Page (link below) for information on attending the brunch at which they will be honored, on May 31st.

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  • 2015 NOMINATIONS FOR OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS FINALIZED AT APRIL 28TH MEETING. Following is the list of nominees: President: Ed Mead; VicePresident: Kathleen Stern, Kevin Kiely; Secretary: Lisa Doyle-Smith; Treasurer: Mike McCabe; Parliamentarian: Hilary Schorsch; Sergeant-at-Arms: Dennis McNamara; Membership Chair: Jane McSally; First Year Trustee: Katelyn Fitzpatrick, Bill Clark. No nominations for 2nd and 3rd Year Trustees, as current 1st and 2nd Year Trustees fill those positions. Election will be held at May 25th monthly meeting.
    All nominees are reminded to email a brief bio to Joan Savage this week so that they may be posted on the website for the month preceding election at the May 26th general meeting. Email them to jes41@sbcglobal.net.

    IRISH HERITAGE RIDERS – The Irish Heritage Riders had its first ride on 4/19/15 ! More rides are being planned and they are looking for new members. The organization is open to all IHSM members and prospective members who have a love for riding motorcycles and for Irish Heritage. They plan to ride in the Memorial Day Parade with the IHSM. For more information contact Kevin Fox 203-606-4779 or bigfox821@gmail.com