• IHSM Committees

  • Please note: Even if you do not serve on a specific committee, it is requested that you volunteer to support at least one event per calendar year such as the Irish Festival in September.

  • Activities Committee

  • The Activities Committee handles all of our General Membership events, including the New Year’s Eve Party, Family Picnic, and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations just to name a few. Each activity has it’s own chairperson to facilitate organization of the event once agreed upon by the Activities Committee.

  • Audit Committee

  • Dana Garrow ihsmthirdyeartrustee@gmail.com
    Chaired by the Third Year Trustee. Each year the IHSM Trustees and two members of the general membership population review and audit the financial reports of the previous year.

  • Bar Entertainment

  • Mike McCabe attorneymikemccabe@yahoo.com
    MikeMcCabe, The Bar Entertainment Chair, organizes entertainment at the clubhouse, which includes Trivia Night as well as bands for Friday and Saturday Nights, etc. He is a skilled singer himself, too!

  • Bar Management

  • Bill Schule bill.schule@att.net
    This committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of the bar, including finances, inventory and ordering, scheduling bartenders, bar hours, etc. There are no open positions on this committee currently (12/2015).

  • Book Club

  • Kathy McGuirekathleenmcguire06460@gmail.com
    Contact to become an active member and receive emails for the group.

  • ByLaws

  • Dave McGrew ihsmparliamentarian@gmail.com
    Discusses and collects recommendations for the club by-laws each year.

  • Clubhouse Rentals

  • Dana Garrow danagarrow7189@gmail.com
    The committee will review rental applications, collect payments, and work with the Bar Manager to ensure successful rental events. The chair coordinates the approval of dates and times with the IHSM Calendar Manager.

  • Christmas Family Committee

  • Katelyn Fitzpatrick webmasterihsm@gmail.com

  • This committee creates, organizes, and implements various activities to raise money to support our Christmas Family as well as chooses the recipients.

  • Craft Fair Committee

  • Janet BoothBoothjeb@yahoo.com
    This committee organizes a craft fair normally held the 1st Saturday in December to support the Christmas Family Project.

  • Cultural Committee

  • Maureen Moore maureenmoore_2001@yahoo.com
    Sheila Olcott kaila216@sbcglobal.net
    The Cultural Committee’s ambition is to sponsor many activities and events for members to learn about and indulge in their love of traditional Irish music, dance, and culture.

  • Family Activities Committee

  • Donna McGrew dmdmfnp@hotmail.com
    The Children & Family Events Committee’s ambition is to have parties and events specifically for children at the Clubhouse on a regular basis.
    Activities will include family friendly movie nights, family game nights, Easter party, Halloween party, Christmas at the Cabaret and more!

  • Finance Committee

  • Erin Regnier ihsmtreasurer@gmail.com
    Chaired by the IHSM Treasurer, the committee assists in keeping the Club’s financial records in order.

  • Garden Club

  • LaRae McGuigan ihsmgardening@gmail.com
    Open to all IHSM members interested in taking care of the garden spot in downtown Milford as well as the garden boxes at the clubhouse. Flexible meeting schedule.

  • Genealogy and Family History Group

    Sheila Johnson vershe@vershe.com
    Open to all IHSM members interested in pursuing their family history. Meetings are posted on the calendar page each month.

  • House Commitee

  • Ed Mead edwardmead54@gmail.com
    This Committee will oversee all projects and repairs on our buildings and grounds. If you are interested contact Bill or Ed.

  • IHSM Milford Irish Festival

  • Jerry Hodges Jerry hodgesj63@gmail.com
    Paul Flynn pflynn24@att.net
    Amy Lacey amyjlacey2@gmail.com

    There are various committees that work together to coordinate the festival, including – Admission, Advertising, Beer Ticket Sales, Beer Tent (pouring and serving), Children’s Area, Cultural, Entertainment, Food Court, Grounds Patrol, Marketplace, Merchandise, Raffles, Safety Patrol, Set Up/Clean Up and Volunteer Tent. Please let us know what committee you are interested in serving on, a full list is posted every January.
    Please note, all club members are expected to volunteer at the event including non-committee members. Member participation is critical to the success of the Festival.

  • Irish Heritage Riders

  • OPEN in need of chair
    Founded and chaired by Kevin Fox for many years, our motorcycle riding members meet at the clubhouse to go out for rides. The group of riders support Irish Heritage and Culture in our community along with supporting local and national charities.

  • Lyle James Golf Tournament

  • Allen Grealish allengrealish@gmail.com.
    Run by Slainte, the golf committee organizes this annual tournament that raises funds for scholarships we distribute to local high school students as well as to relatives of club members. You don’t have to play golf to be on the committee. There are many events planned in conjunction with the golf tournament including lunch and post-event happy hour. Sponsorship’s and gift bags are also needed–all help is appreciated.

  • Membership

  • Paula McGill phmcgill@optonline.net
    The Membership Committee determines and updates membership rules, prepares new membership applications and renewals, greets and checks members in at the General Membership Meetings as well as helps recruit new members.

  • Monthly Luncheons

  • Maryann White realestatemawhite@hotmail.com
    Monthly luncheons are organized by the chair once a month on the second Friday and attended by all who are able to make it.

  • Parade Committee

  • Mike McCabe attorneymikemccabe@yahoo.com
    The Parade Committee organizes marchers for each parade we participate in (3 or more St. Patrick’s Day Parades, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, etc).

  • Scholarship

  • Sheila Danehy srdanehy@att.net
    This committee reviews and votes on scholarship applications. The IHSM William McNamara Memorial Scholarship is open to graduating high school students, planning to pursue further education. The student must be a relative (child, grandchild, niece or nephew) of a member in good standing.

  • Slainte

  • President, Nancy Smith nancy5426@sbcglobal.net
    Slainte is a separate 501©(3) nonprofit organization that promotes Irish culture.

  • Sunshine

  • Nancy Smith nancy5426@sbcglobal.net
    Sunshine is the IHSM’s means to congratulate members of our Club on life milestones & accomplishments, send encouragement to those who are ill, and give flower arrangements for those we have lost.

  • Tara Theatre

  • Noeleen Nelson drumfin@mail.com
    Recruits for, organizes, and produces the annual play. Committee is always looking for more people interested in acting or assisting behind the scenes, as well as the day of, serving drinks and snacks, etc.

  • Website (IHSM Website Calendar)

  • The clubhouse calendar is managed by
    Katelyn Fitzpatrick webmasterihsm@gmail.com.

  • Young Member Events

  • OPEN In need of Chair
    The Young Member Events Committee ambition is to encourage our young members to become more involved in the club. Some events may be co-organized with the Children’s/Family Events committee or Bar Entertainment committee.

  • History Project

  • Sheila Johnson vershe@vershe.com
    & Amy Lacey amyjlacey2@gmail.com
    The ambition of the History Project is to document the trials and tribulations of our founding members as well as conduct interviews of the members of the club who are either first generation Irish or whose recent ancestors came from Ireland and settled in the Milford Area. The History Project is always looking for additional members who have a passion for family and Irish history. To join the History Project or add your family’s story, contact the Irish History Project Co-chairs if you are interested.