• IHSM Clubhouse Rules and Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Wednesday the clubhouse is open to members for committee meetings and private rentals.
    • Private rentals to members with written contract and deposit to the House Rental Committee.
    • Check online calendar for availability.
    • Click on the “Clubhouse Rentals” tab to the left to submit a request.

    General House Rules
    • Current membership cards must be presented for admission. A picture ID may be requested.
    • Both the member and their guests must sign the guest book.
    • Each member may sign in four guests. The guests must leave when the member leaves.
    • During busy hours there will be a member signing in people at the door until a buzzer system is installed.
    • When a guest is admitted four times, they must become a member if qualified.
    • No smoking or E-Cigarettes in the clubhouse. Outside smoking area available.
    • No animals or pets except service animals.
    • No carrying of weapons including concealed weapons.
    • No liquor shall be served nor made available to any minors.
    o Children may not sit at the bar.
    • Food may be brought into the club until there is a kitchen.
    o Members are responsible to dispose of food and dinnerware.
    • There is no wait staff. Members to return bottles and glasses to the bar.
    • Club will not assume responsibility for private property inside or outside the clubhouse.
    • Members are responsible to repair or restore damaged property.
    • Parents must supervise their children at all times inside or outside the clubhouse.
    • Children under 18 years of age may not play pool without parent supervision.
    • No unauthorized persons in basement.
    • Any unlawful behavior will mean immediate suspension until reviewed by the Executive Board.

    Bartender and Bar Rules
    • Bartender may not drink alcohol when on duty.
    • Bartender has the discretion to close early for weather or minimal business.
    • Tipping is allowed.
    • No free drinks by bartender except;
    o Free drinks to performing bands limited to two.
    • Maximum of two drinks to be carried by member to tables.
    • Will not serve intoxicated persons or drive them home. Cab to be called.
    • No alcohol in the parking lot.
    • Bartender and permittee have control of jukebox.
    • Members not allowed behind bar unless working as bartender.

  • Bar Phone Number

  • Clubhouse phone number (203) 301-9073

    Please check the calendar for any planned exceptions to normal hours due to holidays or special events. Early closings will be at the discretion of the bar staff.