• April General Membership Meeting

    Good evening, Fellow Members,

    Welcome to our April General Membership meeting. Tonight includes the second round of the process for nominations to elect new board members for 2024. Following my opening remarks, nominations will be taken for the first part of the nomination’s process. Then, just prior to adjournment, we will hold another round of nominations. Just a few reminders: if you plan to nominate anyone and/or accept a nomination, both the parties must be present. Also, please make sure you have discussed the decision to be nominated for a board position together and that the nominee has agreed to accept it. Additionally, all nominees should share a biography with me, so I can post it on the website. In this way, all members will be able to read about each individual’s current accomplishments, their past/current volunteer endeavors, their personal Irish heritage, and any other interests & information they’d like to share for our consideration.

    Amy Lacey

  • Nominations for the 2024-25 Board:

  • For President: Tim McNamara nominated Noeleen Nelson; Noeleen accepted the nomination.
    For Vice-President: Sally Carter nominated Patrice Dunn; Patrice accepted the nomination & Larry Carter nominated Ed Mead; Ed accepted the nomination.
    For Treasurer: Jane McSally nominated Scott Wiley; Scott accepted the nomination.
    For Secretary: Nancy Smith nominated Sheila Olcott; Sheila accepted the nomination.
    Membership: Donna McGrew nominated Dave Fuller; Dave accepted the nomination
    For Parliamentarian: Donna McGrew nominated Sarah Sugrue; Sarah accepted the nomination. Sheila Danehy nominated Susan Maxham; Susan accepted the nomination.
    For Sergeant-at-Arms: Kathy Doyle nominated Dana Garrow; Dana accepted the
    For 1st Year Trustee: Jerry Hodges nominated Jane McSally; Jane accepted the nomination. Sheila Danehy nominated Patricia Shea; Patricia accepted the nomination. Berenice Dohn nominated Paula McGill; Paula accepted the nomination.