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  • Founder’s Walk Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    The Founder’s Walk ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday afternoon, September 21, 2018. Slainte and the Irish Heritage Society were honored because of our donation of a bench on the Walk.

  • TOURNAMENT STILL ON…Weather to improve as day continues

  • We have spoken to Oronoque and their weather reports show rain dissipating as the day goes on. The tournament is still on and lunch will be held at 11 a.m. inside the building.

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  • Donate Now – choose a $100 tee or hole sponsorship, or sponsor a county or its flag ($25 for county; $100 for county flag on a tee)

  • The Slainte/IHSM Golf Event has benefited the Irish Heritage Society of Milford scholarship and community funds for over ten years. We thank the James, Bristol and McNamara families for their gracious, continued support and they thank you for participating in this fine event.

  • About Sláinte Milford

    The Sláinte Milford/IHSM Scholarship Golf Tournament, Slainte Milford Earth, Wind and Fire Winefest and other activities are sponsored by Sláinte Milford, Inc., a 501 C3 corporation. Its purpose is to develop, maintain, and operate a facility in New Haven County, Connecticut, within the greater Milford area, as a community cultural center for the encouragement and advancement of an appreciation of Irish culture and its impact on American life and education in that regard:
    • To encourage and advance public enjoyment and understanding of Irish arts and culture through participation, sponsorship or support of the public display, performance and reading of Irish art, crafts, dance, history, language, literature, music, sports and theater;
    • To conduct, promote, sponsor or support classes, lectures, seminars or workshops in Irish art, crafts, dance, history, language, literature, music, sports and theater to develop enjoy, study and preserve Irish arts and culture for present and future generations in New Haven County;
    • To support the Lyle James, Charlie Bristol, and Bill McNamara Memorial scholarships and make other charitable donations.
    • To support cultural and educational events of the IHSM whenever possible

    The Sláinte Milford/IHSM events have benefited the local charities, our scholarships and the Irish Heritage Society of Milford for over ten years. We thank the James, Bristol, and McNamara families along with our great volunteers for their gracious, continued support of all our fundraising events.

  • Meetings

  • Sláinte Milford meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7 p.m. On the agenda will be updates from our committees, as well as disposition of any funding requests. Requests for funding should be directed to Slaintemilford@gmail.com at least one week prior to our meeting and should include a proposed use of funds and budget (if applicable for event related requests).

  • Our 2018-19 officers:

  • President – Noeleen Nelson
    Vice President –
    Secretary – Jennifer Hussey
    Treasurer – Howard Fanning