• May General Membership Meeting

    Good Evening, Everyone!

    Welcome to our May General Membership meeting. Tonight we vote to elect the 2024 Executive Board of the Irish Heritage Society of Milford.

    Before we begin, I wanted to read the Irish Heritage Society of Milford’s Mission Statement:

    The purpose of our club is to bring about the association of individuals of Irish descent or relationship, in whole or in part, for the purpose of conducting educational and benevolent activities of all kinds, including the conducting of meetings, conducting forums and research into Irish culture, providing funds for the study of Irish music, dance, and humanities, presentation of Irish culture to the community at large and the pursuit of cultural advancement of the Irish through cooperative means with local communities and institutional organizations.

    Besides the importance of supporting and sharing our Irish Heritage found in our Mission Statement, there is also a message embedded in it of peaceful cooperation and camaraderie. We come together to not only respectfully voice our own opinions, but also to listen to the unique perspectives of others. We are not always like minded, but we all wholeheartedly desire to support this wonderful club!

    Tonight is the night we vote to elect the new board members for 2024. I thank each nominee so much for their dedication to the club. Each of our nominees are selfless individuals ready to carry out their responsibilities. I know whatever the outcome of the vote tonight, all of them will continue to serve as volunteers in some capacity, because that’s what these dedicated members are driven to do. I know you join me in wishing them all the very best!

    The board – and I’m sure the membership, too – would like to thank Dockside and its staff including Bob Chicoine, who donated $750 worth of Irish pizza slaes! We thank Dan Worroll and John O’Connell for all their hard work organizing and promoting the sales of Irish pizza, too.

    After the Board and Committees have shared upcoming events, activities, and Good & Welfare, we will announce the new elected board members who will be installedat our June General Membership Meeting. Let’s get started!

    Amy Lacey

  • Nominations for the 2024-25 Board:

  • For President: Tim McNamara nominated Noeleen Nelson; Noeleen accepted the nomination.
    For Vice-President: Sally Carter nominated Patrice Dunn; Patrice accepted the nomination & Larry Carter nominated Ed Mead; Ed accepted the nomination.
    For Treasurer: Jane McSally nominated Scott Wiley; Scott accepted the nomination.
    For Secretary: Nancy Smith nominated Sheila Olcott; Sheila accepted the nomination.
    Membership: Donna McGrew nominated Dave Fuller; Dave accepted the nomination
    For Parliamentarian: Donna McGrew nominated Sarah Sugrue; Sarah accepted the nomination. Sheila Danehy nominated Susan Maxham; Susan accepted the nomination.
    For Sergeant-at-Arms: Kathy Doyle nominated Dana Garrow; Dana accepted the
    For 1st Year Trustee: Jerry Hodges nominated Jane McSally; Jane accepted the nomination. Sheila Danehy nominated Patricia Shea; Patricia accepted the nomination. Berenice Dohn nominated Paula McGill; Paula accepted the nomination.